Same Ip in my server

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by jd007, Aug 24, 2021.

  1. Hello,
    Everyone who connects to my network has the same IP, this is a big problem because when I IP-ban someone, everyone on the server gets ban.
    I have Ip-forward to true in BungeeCord and I also have Bungeecord to true in my Spigot.yml.
    This happens in my VPS (BungeeCord and all my servers are in the VPS), I also installed the Pterodactyl panel in my VPS and created the node/servers from it.
  2. I enabled ip-forward / enabled Bungeecord in Spigot.yml and then stopped the servers. After that, I started them again and not working
  3. And every player has the same ip as your proxy?
  4. Yes except for the last number. My proxy IP ends in .8 and the players' Ip ends in .1 / But the other part
    of the IP is exactly the same
  5. Well, if the players ip ain't the same as your proxy/bungeecord server, then bungeecord ain't the source of your problem.
  6. Try a bungee cord ban plug-in?
  7. The ban-ip is not my only problem, the real one are the plugins that use your IP to show you something, if everyone has the same IP, then it does not work
  8. I indicated IP-Ban as an example, what I need to fix, is that everyone has the same IP