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  1. Hi guys,
    Im makeong bungeecord server and in the lobby i installed authme for log-in plugin. Every thing is okey i can make registration, to log in but when other player try to register it says: You exceed the maximum number of registrations 2/2 ( 2 because i set for 1 ip 2 regs). I think this is something from bungee cord but idk what. I tried every options in config the config but no result. Any suggestions. Thank you alot. And sorry if this is not the right section for my question.
  2. You need to set "ip forwarding" to true in the bungee and in spigot you need to set "bungee cord " to true. Look it up in the bungee cord wiki on how to do this
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  3. I did it but no change. Other ideas? Bungee for 1.8-1.9, spigot 1.8.8, authme 5.2
  4. This is the configs of authme, bungee and spigot server

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  5. I think the problem is that it's in offline mode. I don't know if this is really the reason. Else I have no idea how I could help you, so if it's not the offline mode thing, then I can't help you anymore, and I hope for you somebody else can help you.
  6. I know how to fix it but i dont want this way- sessions: false maxregperIP: 0 (0 is unlimited) but i want to know why is happening this...
  7. Any ideas how to fix this shit?
  8. Can someone give me bungeecord for 1.8(1.8.8) only to test something because i cant found for 1.8 in internet...