Bukkit SaneEconomy | Simple but featureful economy 0.13.1

Finally, a sane economy plugin for Spigot.

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    SaneEconomy - Finally, a sane economy plugin for Bukkit.

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  2. This is even worse if it comes to banking =D

    The only updated and maintained banking plugin is a premium ressource. We are using craftconomy 3 now (because of banking) but it is also not maintained anymore. We would love to switch to your Plugin, but it lacks features (now, maybe further updates will make this)

    Missing features:
    - Multiworld Support (different currency for different world)
    - Banking System (our players are losing their balance if they die, only bankaccounts are save)
    - Different Currency Names (not so important)

    Thank you for releasing your economy Plugin, I will watch the approach of this. Keep up the work and thank you =)
  3. How would you like banking to work? Are you using another plugin to manage it? If so, I can easily add support into SaneEconomy's backend today.
    For multiworld, do you mean different balance per world, or actually different currency?
  4. We are using this for banking and multicurrency

    With craftconomy it is possible, to have different currency names (which has no effect though) AND you can have different balances in different worlds. BUT using /sell command from Essentials for example only fills the balance from the defaultworld. If you are in another world and do /sell then your balance in the default world raises and not in the world you are standing.

    Multicurrency is also useless at the moment because of that. There is no possibility to define a currency for a world. You can define exchangerates but it is still useless XD
    We are using this feature for AcidIsland (having its own balance) because it restricts players of having to much money with them. But having some sort of working currency exchange and world bound selling would be very cool. So you can make a farming world but for /sell all you have to go to another world to get 1 Dollar for a block instead 0.10 dollar. This could help to lower the danger of ressource farming worlds for an economy.

    The only feature of craftconomy that we are using full at the moment is banking. Because our banks have to be command and not sign driven we are very limited in working banking plugins. The commands are used for our GUI we have written with deluxemenus.
    We would LOVE to change from craftconomy due it lacks in stability and support, but we need a working bank (with commands) and multiworldbalances to replace it =(

    I am aware, that this will be very much work and that it is kind of cheeky to come here to you, but I read your post and thought: "Maybe AppleDash sees also the use of working supported banking plugin and is willing to look at it"
  5. I have the free time to work on stuff like this - what's the point of making the best economy plugin and somebody comes along and says "Well, it's not the best, because it doesn't have this feature that I need."

    I'll see what I can do about adding bank support! I'll send a message your way if I get any work done on it. I'm not sure how I feel about support for per-world currencies, but I will see what I can do on implementing that as well.
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  6. Very cool thank you. I recommend to you to test out craftconomy it has good effort for inspiration and I do not doubt your plugin will be the best eco plugin. Your point of so many old and unsopported plugins is 100% right and I am glad somebody finally has the effort like you have.

    If you need something like a testserver or a database let me know please
  7. I have a question about supported version. Does it Support 1.9 version
    Please answer
  8. Yes, the post says it does.
  9. Do you WANt to be a staff on My network.

    And kan you make a adminshop plugin plzz youare best
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  11. Vault supports migrating between economy plugins.
  12. Add command "money give", please.
  13. Can you add customizable messages?

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