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  1. What are you opinions on these harddrives for minecraft server hosting? Whats better and why?
  2. SAS - higher 15k RPM in comparison to regular SATA3 HDD which run 7.2k RPM.
  3. Just got this server hoping to run +-8 servers off it, with +-450-600 online, would this have no lag?

    Intel Xeon E5-2670 4x2(HT)x2.6 (3.6 GHZ Turbo)
    2x 2 To SATA3
    128 Go
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    The SATA3 will be slower compared to a SSD in loading chunks and booting/rebooting the server.
  5. Well, you may want to upgrade your go....
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  6. Hope the beast like CPU compensates for that :p
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    Hmmm, the storage is a big factor. Doesn't really relate, but I replaced my Mechanical hard drive in my computer with a SSD. It felt like a brand new machine. They make a difference :D
  8. Ive been using normal Sata3 all my life, and seems to work well for 400 online. Will test shortly when i get 600 on the new box.
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    Let us know how it goes. When you get an SSD, you can't go back.