Spigot Satellites 1.04

Spy on the world using satellites!

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    Satellites - Spy on the world using satellites!

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  2. Do the explosions bypass worldguard/towny?
  3. I'm not sure, I'll go and test that.
  4. Right now, it's a yes, I'll just go and make sure it's configurable.
  5. Alright, because that's the one thing stopping me from using this plugin.
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  7. Can you turn off explosions?
  8. I'll go ahead and make that configurable.

    Thanks :p.
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  9. Looks handy, hoping to see more stuff
  10. Great job... i will test it now! =)
  11. When will this be 1.9?
  12. I'm aware that this is 2020, and thus 4 years late, but I've tested this plugin and it still seems to work all the way in 1.15. I don't play Minecraft anymore, but now that I've seen this I feel bad not replying :p.
  13. Can I make the satellite stationary? I mean, that they are stick to a coordinate and not moving.