Spigot SavageDeathChest 1.13.3

Stores player inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval.

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    SavageDeathChest - Stores player inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval.

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    Version 1.4.1

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  3. Great plugin, thanks! :D
  4. IFz


    Great plugin, thanks! :D
  5. Glad you like it! I have a couple other plugins that I will publish here soon.
  6. 357


    Flawless plugin. I've tried out a lot of these death chest plugins and they never seem to work, but this one is great.

    I would like to request a feature, if you could add a new placeholder %coordinates%, that would be amazing. This would be great because many players are killed in the wilderness or something alike and they don't know where they were. For example:

    enabled: true
    string: '&7Death chest placed at &6%coordinates% &7- expires in one hour.'

    Please keep this plugin up to date. I'm sure you will get many downloads if you continue working on it and adding cool new features like I suggested. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for the praise! I will definitely consider adding the coordinates as a message variable in a future version, I've had a few other requests for allowing the display of a death chest location, and that is an elegant solution.

    I'm currently working on configurable support of other protection plugins, so admins can set how chests should be handled in GriefPrevention, WorldGuard, Towny, Factions and PreciousStones protected areas. Beta testing is ongoing, but when I have a stable release ready, I'll be sure to update the version hosted here.

    - Tim Savage
  8. If you need any help supporting Towny, come to the Towny IRC, it's linked in my signature.
  9. Video Tutorial on the Plugin

    Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/SavageDeathChest)
  10. Great plugin.

    Just one small caveat, could you set it to not place the deathchest in lava?
    It causes players trouble when in the Nether.

    Looking forward to updating this for continued use.
  11. You can steal from other's deathchests by making it into a double chest and clicking the part of the doublechest that has no sign on it
  12. Are there any plans for updating in 2016? This plugin is great and helps our players a lot. It's less OP than keepInventory but far more forgiving than letting their items drop immediately and vanish forever (which occasionally was caused by our lag prevention plugin that was clearing dropped items).

    I'd love to see some updates here, and potentially you'll consider moving SavageDeathCompass over to the SpigotMC site? It's nice to keep everything in the same place. Thank you for this awesome plugin! :D
  13. Please update or rebuild for 1.9. My players love this plugin :)
  14. could build some effect of light snow or where the chest appears and remains until the chest is broken or removed all items
  15. Great plugin, Can you please update it at 1:10?
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