Spigot SaveInventory [1.13 - 1.18.1] 1.2.2

~ Save, Clear, Load, and Sync player inventories & enderchests! ~

  1. Actually, I'll just post the code. It's messy right now, though. If you can wait, I'll also post cleaner code when it's ready!
  2. I have posted the source code! You can find it here: https://github.com/Pretzel-Development/SaveInventory
  3. They cant
  4. You're very welcome! Thanks for your interest in SaveInventory!
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  5. hello, i have t'is error ...

    ERROR: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Public Key Retrieval is not allowed

    server : ubuntu 20.04, mysql-server (classic), database ok

    it's possible to add this in config file ? allowPublicKeyRetrieval=true
  6. Hey thank you for reporting this issue! I would be happy to add the allowPublicKeyRetrieval setting to the config, but from what I understand, this can be insecure for your database. To troubleshoot, please try the following first:

    1. Make sure your username and password in config.yml match the database server. You can verify by logging into MySQL Workbench, or typing "mysql -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD" into the command line, replacing USERNAME and PASSWORD with your username and password.

    2. Make sure your database server is actually running. For some reason this can trigger the error too.

    3. Try setting useSSL to false or true in config.yml

    Please let me know if any of those fix it for you! If not, I'll add the allowPublicKeyRetrieval option to config.yml!
  7. hello, after having installed mysql server and Ubuntu several times, it ended up working, and for adding the line
    '' allowPublicKeyRetrieval = true '', I think this can be a good idea, but on "false" by default, with a warning in remark
    , it can cause a security problem, but the networks SQL are done in localhost often ...

    in any case thank you for your quick reply

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  8. I'm glad you got it working! I'll add the option, with the warning comment, in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion! Let me know if I can help with anything else!
  9. Is it possible to also sync the life, hunger and effects? or even all the player nbt data (tags, etc)? As to make the transition between servers as smooth as possible.
    Also, thank you for the resource! :)
  10. Hey ElTodoFull, thank you for the suggestion! I plan on making a separate plugin for full syncing of player data between Bungeecord servers. I want to keep SaveInventory as simple as possible, since it was originally just intended to make stacked backups of player inventories. It will be awhile before I can make the new plugin, since I'm in school and have clients waiting on me right now. Thanks again for the suggestion!
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  11. I could use this plugin for the moment being, but I'm afraid about the inventory.
    My server uses multiverse inventories to separate inventories in a single server, but we've grown a lot! enough to form a network, similarly to why you created this plugin, so players can play special, cpu heavy games/dungeons and explore infinite worlds without lagging the main server.
    Thing is, what'd happen if I uninstall that plugin? I won't even need multiverse inventories, and I don't really know where the inventory is saved.
    There is a lot of players, around 60, and I wanna make sure that If I install this plugin, the inventories won't be lost.
    Also, I don't know if this plugin supports purpur's double enderchest?
    Thank you!
  12. Your concerns about player inventories are good ones. I'm not too familiar with Multiverse Inventories, but I understand that the plugin separates player inventories on different worlds. So, uninstalling it will probably cause some issues. The inventory data is probably stored in the plugin folder (something like /plugins/multiverse-inventories/).

    If you only want to keep the main world's inventories, you could install SaveInventory, set BackupOnJoin to true, and wait for all your players to log in before you uninstall Multiverse Inventories. I'd recommend checking with the developers of Multiverse Inventories, and testing on a copied test server first, if possible.

    At the very least, make a backup of your server before you do anything! I hope that helps, and please feel free to ask if I can help you further!