Saving a Part of a World

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  1. Is it possible to save only a part of a world during the servers autosave function?
    By that I mean say I had to coordinates, or defined the region by worldguard and checked whether it was the region; how would I go about only saving that specific area if I were to have save-all on; or how would I go I go about doing the same thing but with save-all off and my own save method?
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    If you want to save a region you generally should consider schematics.
    If you want to override minecrafts internal saving stuff, things will get ugly pretty soon.
  3. I'd prefer not to save a region of this scale in schematics or vica versa..
    I wasn't thinknig of it as overriding as minecraft itself as well as bukkit can already turn off their saving feature; more like directing that saving to a location if it were to be already defined in some way to save some location.

    etc. Chunk unloading and saving; would that be a probable and efficient method of saving a cuboid region roughly 1000x500 blocks whilst save-on is off(also it is minecraft's own way of saving...)

    Either way I'd be unsure which method to pick...
    ChunkUnloadEvent ; cancel the event for regions within a specific coordinate, or regions outside of a specific range of coordinates

    At Server Crash, Stop and or Reboot; hold the thread, for 10 seconds and unload all the chunks in the set coordinate
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