Solved Saving comments on .yml file on reloading

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  1. As the title said, i currently having proplem with that so...
    Currently what i am looking for is a way to keep the # comments on reloadConfig() methods.
  2. at public void onEnable()

    don't use

    Code (Java):
    //instead of using this #.copyDefault

  3. Yes yes, thats what i already have, saveConfig() will keep the # but not
    Code (Text):
    Basicly what i want to do is asking: Is there a way to reload config without deleting the #
  4. oh remove the saveConfig(); then

    after reloading the config there's no point that you have to save it.
  5. You will need to create your on configuration class or refer to this
  6. Ah yes, thanks for helping
    I did it already with my treasure.yml
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