Saving hashmap on reload

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  1. So what im trying to do is save the hash map on reload because every time i try to reload my plugin the whole plugin breaks. The current code i have setup doesnt work because it keeps resetting the money value of each player to 0 but every time i do reload the plugin doesnt break.

    Heres my code
    Code (Text):
    private HashMap<UUID, Integer> money = new HashMap<>();
    public void onEnable() {

    if(Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers().size() != 0) {
    for(Player online : Bukkit.getServer().getOnlinePlayers()) {
    if (!money.containsKey(online.getName())){
    money.put(online.getUniqueId(), 0);

  2. This would save everything inside the hashmap into a single file.
  3. Isnt there any way for me to just stop it from clearing when it the server reloads ? insted of generating all these files
  4. Nope! You need to either save it or re-instantiate all the entries, your title made it sound like you wanted the former, but I suggest the latter.
  5. If you want the data to persist beyond a restart, it needs to be saved somewhere. Either in a file, or saved to a database.
  6. Oh ok. But is there a way for me to re add a player to the hash map ?
  7. Yes...onEnable() create a hashmap for all players on the server and pass a reference to it to whatever needs to have it. Also have something that handles onPlayerLogin and onPlayerQuit.
  8. See the link to SLAPI that I posted. It will allow you to save the map to a file, and reload it later.
  9. Is there a reload event?
    So the plugin can do something BEFORE reloading?
    If so, save it into a file then on load check if the files exist and do it.
  10. Use of the OOP stream is literally what I've already linked, serialization.
  11. Ty for the help i will look into this