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  1. Hello spigot ! I have recently gotten the UltimateParticles plugin off of the Bukkit DEV . It worked but it showed no plugins . since im using spigot 1.8 i used the spigot and bought the ultimateparticles for 5 dollars and i have not recieved a download , recently bought resources folder , etc . please help me
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  2. A transaction can take up to an hour, If your haveing issues with the download contact the author of the plugin.
  3. well i am simply new to spigot and i would like to know HOW to contact the author
  4. bukkit is old , didnt work
  5. What version of Spigot do you have?
  6. The author said it only works for 1.8 and it will stay like that. It won't work on 1.8.3
  7. Contact the dev, and chill.
    I had the same issue, Don't start flaming.
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  8. Same thing happened to me a while back, Spigot's payment system is broken for that resource, so every buyer has to be manually added.
  9. Contact @CallMeAgent
  10. Hello,
    I'm sorry for the issue's that you have had it has been a nightmare trying to add everyone manually to the buyer list in order for people to gain access to my resource, but I will add you in now so you may download it.

    Kind Regards
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  11. I have now added you into the buyer list there should no longer be an issue.
  12. Hello All involved,

    To answer you're question in regards to the Bukkit version of this resource that was uploaded this is a free version and it will not receive any premium features nor support, also a thank you to the people in this thread that tried to explain the confusion I appreciate it!

    Kind Regard
  13. thank you and im sorry for saying "scam plugin". ive edited it to "please help me"
  14. It's not a problem I understand the frustration. :)
  15. dont call something a scam in the future if you wont even bother to contact the developer to resolve it :/
  16. i am new to spigot , im not familiar with how to contact authors
  17. :) 2015-04-10_18.48.50.png
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