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  1. I want to know if there is a plugin that will allow me to restrict the times that players can enter the server, but still allow admins and mods to enter the server at any time.

    I.E. players cant enter the server from 11 PM to 8 AM, but people with the permission can enter the server at any time.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. sounds like the perfect way to lose players.

    I for one generally play around those times, so I wouldnt be allowed to play on your server.
    Why exactly are you restricting time on your server?
  3. My same sentiment. The thing is that I'm making this for my school, and they don't want to be the reason kids are playing late at night. I think it's pretty dumb, but hey, rules are rules, and rules you must follow.

    I was going to include that in the original post, but I didn't. And with that funny little hindsight thing people keep talking about, I probably should have.
  4. I would imagine that someone would have to code this for you. For the time being an Administrator could log into the server kick all online players and run the whitelist on command.
  5. Im quickly writing something up now
  6. Give this a try (the config should be pretty straight forward)

    timejoin.canjoin = The bypass permission to allow admins to connect during off time
    timejoin.command = Allows admins to use the /timejoin reload command

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  7. Holy crap, thanks man! Its stuff like this that make me regret flunking javascript lessons. I don't think i can express how grateful I am right now :)(y).
  8. No problem, was fairly simple to write, and was a fun one. Ill post it on my profile soon for anyone else who might need this, and Ill apply updates if need be!
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  9. Ok I plopped it up as a resource. Follow it if you would like

    Also, I added a timer to kick players when the closing time has been reached (ie: sometime around 11-11:05pm the players will be warned then kicked!