Schematica and Intial Server Launch

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  1. Hello,
    I'm wondering how I might be able to optimize schematica to allow printing of blocks (placing blocks in a range around you) to be smoother. I frequently have users get kicked for too many packets, and I have no clue where that setting is in the configurations. It seems like a spigot or bukkit default thing. Please let me know how I might be able to optimize my server to fit that (besides obviously the anticheat checks turned off).

    Next, I am wondering how I can have a lag-free release on a Factions server. I ran into issues with just 60 players at once, which lowered the TPS significantly. I'll run a timings report soon, but are there any ways you guys prepared or know how to prepare for an opening?
    Thanks. Let me know.
  2. Too many packets is a feature from NCP and other anticheats. if you are using NoCheatPlus just look for this inside the config.yml:
    active: default
    limitpersecond: (change this, or remove everything)
    seconds: 4
    actions: cancel cmd:kickpacketfrequency
    you can stop it kicking players by just removing the entire section or just make the number higher for example 500-700 should be fine depending on the players schematica settings, i find 500 is too little for max distance.
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  3. Awww, thanks.
  4. Did you manage to get it working?
  5. I am using viaversion so I fixed the packets limiter and all I think that's left is fixing the anticheat. Hopefully this will, work flawlessly :)
  6. That's half right - the issue is linked to ncp - the check is wrong though. It's actually the MorePackets check. I include a patch in my resource, found in my signature below.
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  7. he said besides the anticheat checks turned off
  8. Use world edit injector i think its called