Bungee - Proxy SchematicaPlugin

Allows server owners to disable certain client-side features of Schematica.

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    SchematicaPlugin - Allows server owners to disable certain client-side features of Schematica.

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  2. Dosn't work with spigot 1.8.8 ((
  3. please, make it for spigot 1.8.8. I tried to compile this hack but it doesn't work for me.
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    Ah, this is fantastic and don't know how I didn't find this before!

    One question though @Lunatrius is there a way to have a bukkit version of this? I would love to disable it completely on certain servers, but allow it on some other servers as well... And with it being a bungee plugin right now, it disables things globally, unless I am missing something :p
  5. The only reason why this doesn't have a bukkit/spigot version is, it required that hack to work. I'd really love to implement it as a standard plugin without the hack, but it's not possible (at least not in a way known to me). I was looking for help initially but the only advice I got was to "use bungeecord instead".
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    Thanks for the response, I appreciate the info. I am just happy to have any option really, as the standard block codes on your Schematica wiki don't seem to work anymore :p
  7. This might just be an issue for me, but the plugin only blocks the user from using it if it was an outdated version of the mod. I had some friend try it not knowing he only had an old version of the mod and with it blocking him i was excited, till another friend of mine with the newer version tried it and said it didn't block him. I had others, including the friend with the older version, update to the newest version with the same results.
  8. They sort of worked but were a hassle to get working.
    It works on latest, it was coded for the latest version - the packet/message in question hasn't changed since it was first added (towards the end of 1.7.10). If he's using a custom build of Schematica or an outdated version it might be possible.

    Hopefully the email notifications work from now on... :|
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  9. that's the thing, it blocked the old version but allowed the current version. i don't quite know whats happening then. He says he's pretty sure he has your version.
  10. What's the version number the mod he's using? And is his Minecraft language set to Turkish by chance (or anything else other then English)?
  11. Would it be possible to update this so perms could be per server on the bungee? for instance - allow printing on a creative world but deny on survival?
  12. Maybe, will have to check if there's an event for it.
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  13. The plugin is a BungeeCord plugin. There is currently no Spigot plugin (yet).
  14. Potentially dumb question,

    Given default group on spigot server permission for schematica.load (players join through bungee proxy) , but loading does nothing (schematic pops up in list, but clicking on it then hitting 'load' closes the window as though it's done something, but then nothing happens)

    Do I need a specific bungee permissions thing, or should it work with the spigot-server-side permissions plugins? (groupmanager, zpermissions etc).

    edit: would a protocol hack like ViaVersion influence this in any way? or the fact that we use PaperSpigot instead of spigot?
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  15. Please make this available for Spigot! We'd be willing to pay for it, even.
  16. Any chance on a Spigot plugin version so bypass perms can be decided on a per-server basis with the server's permissions handler?