Spigot SchematicMaker - Legacy V0.9.1

Create a Json Schematic from a chunk!

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    SchematicMaker - Create a Json Schematic from a chunk!

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  2. hi, i tested it out oke the command is /sm but oke i can a convert a save but it is not saving it good .
    With the command /sm list i got internal error to perform command.

  3. Can you post the error here? This isn't happening on my end
  4. What is the layout of the json file?
  5. The layout of the json file is custom when storing locations and itemstacks, I use the gson library that is already in spigot to remove the dependency of another library.

    I will be making a API for this in 1.0.0 for developer use
  6. no, like what does a example thing look like :p
  7. I will add this to the plugins description now, keep refreshing :)
  8. Sorry for the lack of updates, I am currently re-writing another plugin after its loss, 1.0.0 should be out before December!
  9. Schematic Maker 1.0.0 will be released on December 1st!
  10. Schematic Maker 1.0.0 Information:
    • Allow for schematic creation from a chunk or a selected area
    • Allow for schematics to be pasted with a more flexible options system
    • Adding a Developer API for reading schematics
    • Schematic Maker will be renamed to Schematica
    • The plugin will be migrated to my spigot Toolkit
    • Command to clear a area or chunk
    • Many configurations for save and paste customization
    • More detail on each schematic when using /sm list
    • The command /sm convert has been changed to /sm save and so has its permission
  11. Public Testing Server

    The only person allowed control of the plugin is SpireHex, I have blocked public use for good reason!

    Development Livestreams

    I am livestreaming development now!