Spigot Scopes Spigot 1.8.7

Uses Crackshot to add Riflescopes to your server

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    Scopes - Adds Scopes to your Server

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  2. Very nice, but do you need custom resourcepack?
  3. Also, I belive you cannot make any copyright on not decompiling the plugins source code.
  4. This is a neat idea. But the plugin I'd nothing alone. Maybe add integration with Crackshot to work with gun zoomz.
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  5. Very useful plugin already established themselves.
  6. Nice idea! I'll try to add it in further updates.
  7. Yes, you need one if you Want to use the Pumpkin Feature - instructions are on The overview page.
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    Crackshot implemention Update

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  9. NullBlox


    Imma say this is pretty neat!

  10. NullBlox


    When I'm op I tend to get the pumpkin sometimes. Please look into that.
  11. NullBlox


    Say this is not EPIC and you are a lying to yourself!

  12. I cant download this plugin,I am Chinese.Prompt:Link without trust.
  13. NullBlox


    Any chance to make this with per gun permissions?
    Pretty Please!
  14. I'll do my best!
  15. :) :)
    An quick Question:
    Is this server is modded or Bukkit/Spigot because of the 3d Texture of the Rifle?
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  16. he is using a resource pack for those models.
  17. Didn't thought it was possible to add 3d Elements to a Resource pack. I thought there were only 2d Items
  18. its a new 1.8 feature C: as far as im aware, it can be done to all items but not entities i think. theres a program sold by a resource pack i forgot the name which helps you make 3d models.