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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Angeles, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. this thread you posted
  2. You mean the comment?
  3. JamesJ


    God this kid should be fucking banned...
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  4. @md_5 please make my day and deal with this kid x.x
  5. Honestly I think that @md_5 has better things to do instead of dealing with this kid, just do not do his work for him and he will stop making this threads.
  6. No, he will continue to make threads and waste people's time, he's honestly damaging the online community, usually I just leave it alone but this kid just keeps going and keep harming the community in many ways, he's one of those bad apples that caught fire in the middle of some pig vomit.
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  7. pcommon is a known leaked source
  8. i know this guy is a total leech and is just a nuisance to the forums, but what rule is he even breaking to be banned?
  9. In the other thread he was using a leaked resource and it's kinda sad that he's stealing people's code and using it as his own without checking license or asking permissions.
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  10. Send an email to staff and stop commenting on his threads >.>

    On: Whats your problem?