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  1. Hello i seem to find it hard to get my head around how scoreboard system works.

    In the past i have only found the need to have a sidebar. Doing this created a scoreboard per player stored them in a hashmap and then used teams to put lines on the scoreboard.

    In a plugin i am working on I need to have per player sideboard's but also have coloured names above the head and in tab etc.

    I have known that using the main scoreboard I can just set the team prefix as a colour and it will change the name above the players head.

    My questions are
    Does a player always have the mainscoreboard
    Can a player have the main scoreboard and one that's created for them.
    What's the difference between the main scoreboard and one that's created?
    Can you set a player name above the head the tab name and a side bar per player just using main scoreboard

    Also if you can give me any more information you have regarding how scoreboards work in general
  2. Hey

    Firstly, only one scoreboard can be assigned to a player at a time and you can have both names and sidebars

    Just create Teams with the current scoreboard players have (the sidebar) and add players into the Team with the colored prefix

    You only need one scoreboard for everything
  3. I meant you only need one scoreboard for the sidebar and name tags

    You can create as many scoreboard per player if you want but only ONE scoreboard can be set to a player