Spigot SCOREBOARD | PlaceholderAPI - EDITABLE CONFIG | Placeholders & No Flashing 2.1

No Flashing scoreboard plugin by CrispyBow

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    CrispyBoard Plugin | EDITABLE SCOREBOARD | Placeholders & No Flashing - No Flashing scoreboard plugin by CrispyBow

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  2. @CrispyBowV2 For the scoreboard make it do a string list for the lines getConfig().getStringList("lines") and not slot1-slot10.
  3. Placeholder List?. Add Permission Placeholders.
  4. Use /crispyboard placeholders for placeholders list
  5. Will be added soon. Thanks :3
  6. Why did you remove the PlaceholderAPI?
  7. I removed it for some trouble. Version 1.9 will be added
  8. ESET NOD32 and Opera detect the virus.
  9. Hi, I installed your plugin but no scoreboard shows up. I got no errors, but if i type /cb on it tells me that the sidebar is on. But i dont see any scoreboards.
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