Scoreboard plugins bug.

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  1. Hey guys,
    What is this?
    lately I got a lot of questions from people:

    Why this topic?
    Cause a lot of people are asking this I decided that I would explain how to remove a scoreboard after the plugin using it is removed.

    So basically when you add a plugin to your server using a scoreboard. it creates a file in your world folder. this file is called scoreboard.dat it is located: <world>/data/scoreboard.dat <world> being the name of the world you see the scoreboard in. So when you delete this file: "scoreboard.dat" The scoreboard gets removed in that world. Easy as that. If you see it in other worlds to, go to those world folders, then data and remove the "scoreboard.dat" file as well.

    Note: It will remove all scoreboard data stored for that world. Also the ones you might have set by a command. Hope this helps you guys!


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  2. I have your plugin Stopwatch on my server but it doesn't seem to load.
  3. wrong topic?
  4. Wrong topic, but try typing /score in game. If that doesn't work please send me the errors that show up in the console.