Scoreboard that works with Prison?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by ImNotAuzero, May 26, 2016.

  1. Hello... im wondering if there is a compatable scoreboard plugin that works with Prison...
    because in the prison plugin is a Rankup part but there is not scoreboard for it?? help
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  2. ezrankspro
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  3. it's ugly af, Featherboard / KiteBoard
  4. its neccesary for rankups tho
  5. not really?
    Featherboard & Kiteboard have placeholder api support - placeholderapi support ezrankspro
  6. Tryed it Featherboard doesnt pick it up...
  7. EZRanksPro doesnt have a scoreboard and its dogey with Group Manager
  8. Try a custom scoreboard. Search custom scoreboard.
  9. clip


    No its not. Works perfectly fine with any permissioms plugin (doesnt even have to be vault compatible)
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  10. Try EZRanksPro and Featherboard. :)
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  11. EZRanksPRO is glicthy with GM
  12. Then use Pex. :D
    Pex is made for Prison practically
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  13. ew.
    pex is awful.
  14. Featherboard by @Maximvdw should work. Look at
  15. *
  16. Corrected it, thanks.. Probably a mind-mistake ;)
  17. no...
    It is all opinionated.
  18. Eh true
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