Spigot ScoreBoard 1.1.2

a simple ScoreBoard

  1. Cool! What about adding HEX color support?
  2. Yes I didn't think about it I add it at the same time as the bug fix.
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    major update

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  4. I have found a bug where if you join the server the scoreboard is there for about 5 sec then goes and does not turn back on until you do /sb toggle twice also, could you add a chat msg that tells you that you have toggled the scoreboard.
  5. Can you come on discord to discuss the addition request?
  6. I'm having trouble with hexa code support but I'm still thinking about adding it.
  7. Great plugin! May I repost it to other Minecraft forums?
    I promise I will only do some introduction to the plugin and link to the spigotmc page to download
    Let more people know this plugin!
  8. I authorize you to do so. I remain open to other plugin ideas. If people need a custom plugin.
  9. Could you give me the links to other mincraft forum !
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  10. Thanks you very much!Of course I will give you the link after I repost it:)
  11. Hmmm so how in the hell do I have a single line for title?

    Code (Text):
      wait: 17
      - 'Test'
    Tried this and it went dead.
    Not really liking this animation system tbh.
  12. Do you have an error because for me the system works
  13. I was getting an error when using /sb reload.
    I have changed plugins now unfortunately.