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  1. Hello, I've been working on my plugin for a while now, but I've just realized that when players disconnect and reconnect the scoreboard at the side disappears. This is a problem, because although I can just set the player's scoreboard back again, if the server is reloaded whilst the player is not on, then my plugin no longer has any record of that scoreboard, so I cannot set it back again afterwards.

    The scoreboard contains a lot of data, so I would rather not write everything in them to a file on disable
  2. Uhh.. Just create methods and use them in your disable/enable method.
  3. What do you mean?

    I need to be able to store a scoreboard somehow whilst the server is offline, and I was hoping that once a server comes back online, I could get the scoreboard off players once they logged in, but the players don't log in with a scoreboard attached.
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    Make a method which updates the scoreboard to everyone on the server, then call that method in the onEnable method. The scoreboard will be updated due to schedulers (Repeating task).