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  1. kvq


    How to add entity and set color to scoreboard team ?
  2. Idk how to add a entity (because the method asks for a String), but to set the color use Team#setPrefix

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  3. use Team#setPrefix to set the color and use Team#addOfflinePlayer(yourentity) to add the player
  4. kvq


    This addEntry method

    Nope. Prefix and color its different things . I need colored glowing effect
  5. kvq


    I actually need to add mob not a player
  6. whoops sended the wrong method its Team#addPlayer

    the glowing effect is coming from the spectral arrows, it reads the first prefix colors try to set the prefix to §a and the glow effect should be green
  7. kvq


  8. Use team#addEntry, not team#addPlayer. It's deprecated.
  9. addEntry just makes the same but uses player names addplayer reads offlineplayer's name
  10. With #addEntry, you can add all names you want (It's better for nick plugins). It's not good to use offlineplayer.
    What when offlineplayer is null?
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