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  1. Is there a way to set 2 scoreboards for 1 player?

    I have 1 global scoreboard and 1 for admins only,
    I want to set the global one for all players and for the admins the global one and the admin scoreboard.
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  2. Can anyone please help me?
  3. Well you could provide a permission based command to switch the scoreboards but you can't display two scoreboards at the same time.

    //edit: Or your make a workaround with a scheduler in another scheduler that switches the two scoreboards
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  4. You're welcome thank for the rating :p
  5. Your best option is to do a “if(p.hasPermission)” statement and if they have the admin perm give them the admin scoreboard if not give them default scoreboard.
  6. But thats just not what he wanted he wanted one scoreboard for normal users and for the admins both.
  7. I solved it using one scoreboard per player, but it is a bit complex

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