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  1. My scoreboard Stats TOP 10 Displays like that
    I DONT KNOW :c
  2. I can't see the bug, please, give more info.
  3. What plugin are you using, can we see the config for that, whats the plugin your getting stats from. Is it coming from flat file or mysql?
  4. I am zDrop from the spigot mobile account.
    My Configs are:


    # Main configuration

    # Compatible mode for other plugins like HealthBar, ColoredTags, GhostPlayer, McCombatLevel, etc. ......
    # or the vanilla scoreboard
    # In case you miss the log message: this option requires the plugin called ProtocolLib
    # This option will work around the Bukkit API and will send raw packets
    compatibilityMode: true

    # Should be the node disabled-worlds handled as whitelist or blacklist
    disabled-worlds-whitelist: false

    - city

    Title: '&4«&l&cΩ &lOMEGA &cΩ&4»'
    # seconds
    # For instant updates you can or 1 and it will update every second
    Update-delay: 1
    # The Title must have under 48 characters
    # Title: Type
    '&bOnline': '%online%'
    '&4Kills': '%kills%'
    '&6KDR': '%kdr%'
    '&7Racha': '%killstreak%'
    '&cMobs': '%mobs%'
    '&aMoney': '%money%'
    # Your can choose your custom score here
    '&c&lOMEGACRAFT': -2

    # Let ScoreboardStats track stats (kills, deaths, mobkills, killstreak) You need no plugin for this
    enable-pvpstats: true

    Temp-Scoreboard-enabled: true

    Title: '&4&lTOP 5 KILLS'
    # %mob% | %kills% | %killstreak%
    Type: '%kills%'
    Color: '&c'
    # How many Players would be displayed
    Items: 10
    Intervall-show: 30
    Intervall-disappear: 30

    pluginUpdate: true


    # These settings aren't required if you disable pvpstats.
    # Here can you configurate your sql setting.
    # If you don't have or want to use a mysql database you can also use a sqlite database
    # MySQL example
    # The default port for a mysql database is 3306
    # Username: 'bukkit'
    # Password: 'xyz'
    # Isolation: 'SERIALIZABLE'
    # Driver: 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'
    # Url: 'jdbc:mysql://IP:pORT/databaseName'
    # Timeout: 1000

    Username: bukkit
    Password: walrus
    Isolation: SERIALIZABLE
    Driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
    Url: jdbc:sqlite:{DIR}{NAME}.db
    Timeout: 1000
    uuidUse: true
  5. idk the cause i think is for the mysql