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  1. Im looking for w way to disable scripts in a certian wolrd for example in a default world that scrip is enabled and in the nether wolrd its disabled (script plugin) if you know any way to do that or any plugin that can do that plz tell me.
  2. Hello @PluginsHelp,

    In order to have a command only run in a certain world, you must use the "is in world" condition. Depending on how you're setting up your Skript, if you want a command to be run in more than one world, you'll have to add several if/else statements. If you're still having issues with your Skript, provide the code and I'll edit it accordingly.

    Examples of Usage:
    player is in "world"
    argument isn't in world "world_nether"
    the attacker is in the world of the victim

    For further information regarding the "is in world" condition, visit this page.
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  3. Thank you for help!