Script to run proxy and servers in separate screens?

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  1. I'm in the process of breaking my large server into several smaller servers connected by BungeeCord, and on the Minecraft side everything's working out great. However, I'm trying to create a bash script that runs the BungeeCord proxy and each server in their own screens.

    I have it working to the point at which a screen is created for each server instance (proxy included) and the servers are run, but I'm having trouble ending a server's start script loop.

    Before I made the script below, I manually created each screen and started each server with a start script (the files being called in the script below). After a server instance was stopped, the scripts give you 3 seconds to terminate the script with CTRL + C. This functionality still works; however, using CTRL + C now not only stops the script, but it also terminates that server's screen. I don't want this to be the case. I want CTRL + C to just terminate the server's script.

    Here is my start script:
    Code (Text):
    screen -S bungee -d -m sh;
    cd /home/lee/Servers/Hub;
    screen -S hub -d -m sh;
    cd /home/lee/Servers/MuricaGaming;
    screen -S murica -d -m sh;
    cd /home/lee/Servers/Creative;
    screen -S creative -d -m sh;
    cd /home/lee/Servers/Factions;
    screen -S factions -d -m sh;
    cd /home/lee/Servers/EHM;
    screen -S ehm -d -m sh;
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  2. Looks like latest.log doesn't have permission to write.
  3. Yeah, I just realized that only the hub server is having that issue, and fixed it with a simple chown. The other problem is still bugging me though. Let me update the OP.