Spigot ScrollBoard 1.6.6

Tired of scoreboards limited to 15 lines ? Go further with ScrollBoard ! [1.8-1.13]

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    ScrollBoard ◆ Scroll your scoreboards ! (MySQL compatible) ◆ 1.8.8 to 1.10 - Tired of scoreboards limited to 15 lines ? Go further with ScrollBoard !

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  2. Never see this before !
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  3. ^^
  4. with ColoredTags not compatible! ColoredTags is not working!!!
    ColoredTags compatible add please.
  5. Try to update to pCore 1.1.2, but I'm not sure it will work.
  6. Hi , does it have the option for autoscroll ?
  7. Not now, but maybe later.
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  8. Laggly plugin :( but very beautiful
  9. Laggy, like what ?
  10. i love this plugin but only 1 thing add a command for players to be able to hide it like /hideboard
  11. Maybe in a next update.
  12. so i deleted the plugin and the board does not go away and im 100% the plugin is deleted so i think the plugin has damaged my entire server now because there is a glitched board there now and everyone can see my name not theres.
  13. That's normal. By default, when the plugin is disabled, the scoreboard stays. If you want I can add an option to disable the scoreboard when the plugin is disabled.
  14. yes please but atm for my server it wont go like its stuck and the plugin isnt in my plugin folder
  15. I'm having this same issue

    EDIT: this can be fixed by using the command: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar
    #18 RukuYukimura, Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
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  16. Thanks ! I'll add this soon :)