Spigot Sddls 1.2.1

Protect your horses with signed saddles.

  1. piratjsk submitted a new resource:

    Saddles - Protect your horses with signed saddles.

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  2. Thanks for this wonderful plugin.

    Could you pls. check if possible to un-sign saddles once the player gets inactive?

    Best regards!
  3. This is a a really great idea. :)
  4. Do you know if this works with MC 1.11 or do you plan to update for 1.11? Thanks
  5. Any possibility on this?

    Wonderful plugin!
  6. Yes. I already started working on v2.0 of this plugin which will have couple of new functions including your proposition. Although it may take a while to release it because of Christmas (but should be still in this year).
    Thanks :)
  7. Why the plugin lost 60% of his size between 1.1.4 and 1.2.1 ?
  8. I removed plugin metrics and it seems that I forgot to include license in jar files after switching to gradle.