Spigot SEARCH Anticheat 1.8 - 1.13 1.8.2

Searching, eliminating and restraining cheats/hacks

  1. That is one of the things that still needs to be improved but you can synchronize the players data even with multiple BungeeCord servers. Every Spigot server just needs to connect to the same BungeeCord. I am going to improve the support in future updates so that everything works with more than 1 BungeeCord.

    Each ID stands for the reason (Module) a player has been banned for, you can look it up ingame with /Search check <ID>
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  3. The error will be fixed in the next update.

    I worked on a knockback check but due to a lot of things that need to be considered there were still too many false positives.
    I might add it in the future if I find a better solution.
  4. It seems that Search, when working with ncp, causes player setback when using jumpboost 4. I haven't tried anything higher, and only tested jumpboost 3 for a minute with similar results but it seems to trigger something similar to ncp's morepacket's check, while Seach's fly module is triggered.
  5. The FlyNCP module is currently only an improvement to the nocheatplus check if nocheatplus has false positives SEARCH will also have them.
    I can try to fix that with jumpboost but as long as the check is based on nocheatplus there might still be some issues.
  6. I found a bug in this plugin, that is when members use weapons or armor in their inventory then the weapon or armor will disappear suddenly because it is erased by this plugin please fix this bug.
  7. Is the entire inventory cleared and are there any enchants on these items?
  8. not all items are cleared .. just stuff like sword, armor that contains Enchant ... because I use Myitems Plugin .... Mybe not support with MyItems plugin
  9. It probably gets removed because of non vanilla enchantments.
    Try to set check_enchantments to false in the config.yml (ItemCheck module).
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  10. Really liking what this plugin has to offer, especially the replay feature, just one thing i've had to disable was the BadPackets. It pulls players back. Tested this on two accounts and seeing that the player stops on the viewers screen and is pulled back to the location 4 seconds later.
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  11. BadPackets can have some false positives especially when the server or the player is lagging.
    Alternatively, you can try to increase the config values.
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  12. I think that he means on 1.12.2, where the check makes the game unplayable. I assume it's due to the change in keepalive packets conflicting with the check, resulting in 'player moved wrongly' messages and constant ruberbanding as the player starts setting off other checks like Search's flyncp and checks in ncp itself.
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  13. I didn't know the values where changed in 1.12, I am going to make some tests on 1.12.2 again.
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  14. Alter player info causes chickens to endlessly flap their wings, tested on 1.8.8 and 1.12.2. Can anything be done about this?
  15. Yes, the check is unintentionally altering packets from every entity. I am going to make it player only in the next update.
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  16. Can you add a autofishing check? Since servers are adding fishing rewards players will autofish.
  17. I am testing this anticheat with aristois cheat client which has ping meter. On every other server (in my bungee) ping is fine, but only in server with this plugin ping is about 120-250-300 constantly, which makes game unplayable. Even when everything is turned off, I run then it teleports me back and "moved to quickly" in console. Why is that? Config is default for both, nocheatplus and search. Version is 1.12.2. Also present are compatnocheatplus and mcmmo.