Solved SEARCH LobbyCompass for [1.13.1]

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by StromkabelHD, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    im searching an plugin for my 1.13.1 lobby server.

    Get item on join: "change slot in the config"
    no move or drop item.
    its an gui like an inventory from a chest
    you have items in the inventory, that you can change in the config, the item or the slot of the item.
    and if you click on the item you will activate an cmd like /warp spawn

    i hope someone know an plugin or have time to code one for the 1.13.1.. i didnt find one

    Thx for read
  2. My first guess would be: Try Custom-Join-Items & ChestCommands but neither of these seems to have been updated in a while. Whilst that would not be a huge issue normally, 1.13 was a major overhaul on the Material API. I therefore do not expect these to work (didn't try though, feel free to prove me wrong)

    Did a quick google search and I think that you want to use ItemJoin and possibly DeluxeMenus nowadays.
  3. Thank you very much @JustDJplease

    i have the resolution with ItemJoin and DeluxeMenus ;D