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  1. I'm looking for a plug-in that allows you to suppress certain items at death (example: 1 diamend helmet and a golden apple at death. Just the golden apple that drops to the ground and the diamend helmet and suppress)
  2. Went ahead and scrapped this together - should work fine. When you first load the plugin, the config will load with an example item configured. This totally removes the item on player death, so please let me know if the player who would normally drop the item should keep it instead.
    - removed plugin in favor of updated version below -
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  3. Yes it's that, but when i have a helmet protection 3 and protection 2, he kill the 2 piece (the value enchantement not work), and i can't had anotehr enchantement form a sworrd or bow (power and sharpness)
  4. ok the enchantement configuration not work i try with a helmet with no enchant and the items was delete
  5. What im about to say might sound very weird, but CrackShot (the plugin to create weapons) also has an option to skip_name_check to make every item of that sort into the crackshot version. Which then allows you to add an ability named Death_No_Drop

    You might be able to give this a shot, just delete all the excisting weapons and attachments etc to merely use it for the purpose of certain items not dropping :)
  6. Not that, The Escad plugin is exactly what i want just enchantment not work
  7. Make sure that you're using the names from this page. The Spigot API uses different enchantment names from Minecraft, so you'll have to make sure they match.
    If the enchantment name isn't found, it's skipped to prevent errors in the console (though it would probably be more helpful to log a warning as well).
  8. Yes i use this, but not workin :(
  9. You can FIX de enchantment ? please
  10. Fixed some bugs. For example, the dropped item would be considered blacklisted if it only had one enchantment and that enchantment exactly matched any blacklisted item.
    You should also be able to use Minecraft enchantment names instead of Spigot names now. And like mentioned above, a warning message will be logged if the enchantment couldn't be found.
    Make sure to delete your config or move it to another folder so a new config is generated, since the config has also been changed.

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  11. Yes it's woorking ty :)
    You are the best :D
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