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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by MaveCrit, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Hello there, as the title says I'm searching a good or well the best anti cheat plugin you know.
    I found this one which is literally perfect but causes alot of bugs and laggs:»-1-12.43972/

    Does anyone has a good or even better one without that much bugs and of course with good performance?
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  2. There are hundreds of threads on this. Use your mind and search it. We don’t need another one of these threads.
  3. It probably surprise you but I searched like 100 of them.
    60% referred to AC's that doesn't even exist anymore
    10% referred to AC's with like 1 star reviews
    20% referred to AC's that work on version 1.8 or even lower

    So. We have 10% left and these 10% gave me Baymax which is basically very neat but as I mentoined it does not work the way it should and is bugged as hell.

    EDIT: Also I nearly none of these have a testserver which is pretty annoying if I have to pay 17$ to TEST it..
  4. Im having the same issue, and I don't have DEVs like the more larger servers do to make their anti cheat systems.
  5. A simple google search does not help anything at all. And the bigger server owners are too selfish to distribute their plugins.
  6. Here is a few of the many options.
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  7. It's not that they are selfish, but if they were to release there anti cheats as plugins on say spigot, hack client developers could make bypasses a lot easier.
  8. If you don't want to pay I'd like recommend using NoCheatPlus you can modify it to be pretty good another option If you want to pay is Spartan or AAC which I've heard & seen that both are really good.
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  9. Then check out the anti cheat wiki in my signature.
  10. Spartan is shit, AAC ftw. Spartan has many false flags.
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  11. That's a bit of a contradicting statement. You should probably go into detail as to what features you like about it rather than flat out asking for the best alternative. Your server's gamemode is also something to take into account to an extent to determine if you are in need of more movement or combat heavy checks.
  12. Hello,

    Try AC, and choose the plugin that you think better.
    Personally, I'm working on my AC (Negativity) compatible with 1.7 & more, Bungeecord and coming soon Sponge. If there is false positive or problems, contact me.
  13. you could get yourself Hellhound or DotLegit from MCM, perfect for detecting cheats
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  14. AAC is 1.8+ and is gucci
  15. Google "Fiona Anticheat", I think it's only available on MCM though.
  16. Exodus anticheat is pretty good
  17. But Exodus is just based on Daedalus? Anyway.

    If you want an anticheat to prevent combat hacks, use Reflex
    If you want one that prevents movement hacks, use AAC.

    If you don't want to pay, use NoCheatPlus and a HQ configuration.
  18. Spartan is a really good anticheat check it out.
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