(SEARCHING) a voting plugin

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  1. rewards for multiple people (players, donators)
    montly resets!

    if someone knows a good plugin please let me know! always used provotes but it is bad.
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  2. I use and a lot of other people use GA-Listener! Works well with votifier and a lot of big servers use it
  3. but does it have monthly resets? or do i have to do them manually/ giving the highest votes automaticly a rank for few days
  4. No, GA-listener gives the player rewards but you will need another plugin that gives the top donors a rank, I'll search around for you and get back to you soon!
  5. Depends if you're willing to spend money or not maybe try ProVotes
  6. votifier and GAListener
  7. GAListener and ask someone to make the resetting thing.
  8. i have used provotes for a while but its bad as i mentioned :)
  9. Try out superbvote.
  10. i will try this one!
  11. well I don't have any issues with it but alright..
    maybe try VotingPlugin if the option above doesn't work out for you.
  12. GAListener, can help you