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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a game that has shown me a former friend. However, I had no time at that time and unfortunately forgot the name.

    This game was (I guess) a war strategy game where you could do the following:

    Diplomacy, skilling weapons e.g. tanks, planes etc.

    Furthermore, change the political system from e.g. Democratic to Dikatatur.

    In addition you could skill e.g. propaganda two things in the propaganda tree were :

    Control the media and something with school.

    Unfortunately i dont know anything else anymore
    Thx for every reply
  2. Maybe "Hearts of Iron IV" ?
  3. Yeah forgot to say not Hearts of Iron 4. But thx i found it. it was Realpolitics. Found it when i searched for strategy game propaganda lul
  4. Hearts of Iron IV"
  5. Couldn't that be any game from the Civilization series?
  6. Maybe Napoleon War?