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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by ToastedCoconut, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. So I run a survival server with an avarage of 5 players (max would be 10-ish). I'd love to grow the server more, but I'm hesistant due to technical problems that don't get resolved, more on that later. Players are both located in the EU and NA.

    The type of server doesn't really matter for me, as long is it runs without the reasons I'm looking to switch. I think that $10-ish dollars a month should cover it, however I don't mind paying a little extra if it means I get some better hardware.

    I have a website that would need to be transferred too.

    Reasons I'm looking to switch.
    My players and I have a lot of issues when we're logging in to the server. You can time out once due to it, up to a few times before you can actually play. Here's also a timings report: (
  2. I'd recommend shockbyte and bisecthosting
  3. I would recommend PebbleHost...
  4. The only thing wrong with these Budget Hosts is you have to keep in mind you get what you pay for. Hosts selling at $1/GB are really not making profit, which can pursue some of them to oversell their servers to pay for their servers. Not to mention, some don't stay in business too long cause they realize they're losing a lot more money than anticipated.

    The top budget host I'd recommend is Shockbyte but, if you're looking for premium quality, Bisect Hosting is a very good option.
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  5. OVH / SyS (So you start)
  6. With a 5-10 player server on Shockbyte it will cost under $10 but near $10 your server will run smoothly. Also i know alot of promo codes for Shockbyte so drop me a PM if you need so. :)
  7. No, don't go with Shockbyte. I'd highly recommend you go with Sparked Host or Bisect Hosting. Those are probably the two best shared server hosts you can lay your hands on. Both of those hosts keep you free from trouble and issues. Great support on Sparked Host's end, too.

    Just don't go with Shockbyte. I won't ever go down that road again as when I went down it the first time, I lost a shit ton of money. The owner isn't too nice, either.

    Hope I could help ya out!
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  8. For dedicated servers, I have some great experience with ready2go servers on the cheap from leaseweb during events and sales.
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  9. I have never had 1 problem with them :p
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  10. Shockbyte oversells their servers, they're absolutely terrible. They have zero reason to oversell too, they're making profit, honestly - just money hungry.
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  11. Indeed, I've seen a few ppl say " i have no problem with them " , and i have seen quite a few threads where ppl rated them poorly, or said they moved and that fixed their problems.
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  12. Exactly, its' like anything really - everyone will have a different opinion. I've seen a thread on here where a customers server wouldn't start, he asked for support on Spigot, turns out Shockbyte was overselling their servers hence why he couldn't start his.

    In all fairness, if a host oversells, stay away from them.
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  13. I'm not aware of any budget provider not doing that, as it would be stupid to dedicate memory if you sell normal shared Minecraft hosting.
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  14. That was the most stupid thing I've ever heard. There are a lot of quality hosts that don't oversell their servers. Most "budget" providers ($1/gb) are overselling their servers because they aren't making that much profit compared to their expenses. Not too sure how it's stupid to dedicate memory and not oversell considering it's on your business. It comes back on your business in the long run, overselling for an extra five dollars isn't worth it in the long run. Too many kids running "summer hosts" do this, hence why they usually end up closing a few months after opening. I'd rather pay $10 per GB for quality, performance and a service that you can count on than pay $1 per GB for a summer host and oversold server.

    Both of these hosts have proved they do not oversell their servers. Both, are top notch hosting providers in my opinion.
  15. @Atmazphere holy, TL;DR.

    I can only talk from experience, if you have for example a 128GB Node and you only sell dedicated memory you will probably end up with around 50GB usage which would not even be half of the available memory, so I don't get the point why it would be bad to sell more if you have the capacity? (Of course, you don't want 100 servers on a dual core). I'm talking for the general here, this applies for many hosts. Of course, everyone needs to decide it himself, but I personally don't see any issues with overallocation.
  16. Holy, TL;DR.

    That didn’t make any sense at all. You’re using way too much RAM for an application if you can only sell a little over half of your server. There’s tons of issues with overselling. For example purposes, let’s say I’m selling off a node with 64GB, I oversell and sell double that. If people use the full amount of RAM, you’re going to have a serious issue. You’re selling more ram than you can provide. Also, let’s say someone wants to upgrade their server and add an extra 8GB, now you’re more screwed. It’s not a good ideal at all and has more disadvantages than advantages.
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  17. Nobody was talking about 100% overallocation, but 10-20% is absolutely fine. However, I have no reason to continue with this discussion. Have a nice evening.
  18. Judging by your banner, you're with DeluxeNode. You just admitted you oversell your servers. Yes, a lot of hosts do - they're usually shit.

    You also admitted you're a different kind of stupid.
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  19. Alright lol. I said I personally would have no problem with a host overselling as I have experience with it, and I know because of DeluxeNode that often there is plenty ram left which could have been oversold, so I would be fine with budget providers doing so. Please don't accuse me on anything I never said.
  20. You don't notice overallocation when done properly. Bisect and Shockbyte makes a shit load of money as they do the same but with far higher prices per GB.

    Most large or small hosting providers overallocate. A Minecraft server, VPS, etc. will never all use 100% of RAM so you sell some of the unused RAM the same way that airlines do, but just not at a scale which is dangerous.

    I guess if you're calling all providers shit for making more money and use of hardware which doesn't affect a client in any way, go ahead.
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