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  1. So I run a survival server with an avarage of 5 players (max would be 10-ish). I'd love to grow the server more, but I'm hesistant due to technical problems that don't get resolved, more on that later. Players are both located in the EU and NA.

    The type of server doesn't really matter for me, as long is it runs without the reasons I'm looking to switch. I think that $10-ish dollars a month should cover it, however I don't mind paying a little extra if it means I get some better hardware.

    I have a website that would need to be transferred too.

    Reasons I'm looking to switch.
    My players and I have a lot of issues when we're logging in to the server. You can time out once due to it, up to a few times before you can actually play. Here's also a timings report: (
  2. I'd recommend shockbyte and bisecthosting
  3. I would recommend PebbleHost...
  4. The only thing wrong with these Budget Hosts is you have to keep in mind you get what you pay for. Hosts selling at $1/GB are really not making profit, which can pursue some of them to oversell their servers to pay for their servers. Not to mention, some don't stay in business too long cause they realize they're losing a lot more money than anticipated.

    The top budget host I'd recommend is Shockbyte but, if you're looking for premium quality, Bisect Hosting is a very good option.
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