1.8.8 Searching for an ArmorStand modeling website.

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  1. I've discovered two sites,
    https://haselkern.com/Minecraft-ArmorStand/ and https://mrgarretto.com/armorstand-1-10/
    Both of them are good, and the second one would be excellent for what I'm searching (not only modelling ArmorStands, but also putting blocks and positioning them) BUT it isn't for 1.8. The first one would work but it doesn't let me use blocks :(.

    So, i'd like to know if there are others websites which let me interact and create amazing ArmorStands with also blocks.
  2. Sorry for any confusion, but is this related to plugin development or is it related to built in minecraft commands (blocks)?
  3. Plugin development, in order to implement custom armorstand positions in my code I need some of these pages ;).
  4. I'll go ahead and try searching for you! :)
  5. Sadly, I could not find one. I hope you have some luck though! Good luck with the plugin. :D
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  6. Bump, a tool like this would be really useful.