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  1. After working with a great individual for almost two years i was recently informed they would no longer be able to offer services. I've got a few months till the deadline of May, but i'm hoping to find another service asap so I'm not rushing last minute.
    I'm currently running my small NA, 20 player peak survival server on a:
    Intel i7-3770, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 300 GBPS ddos protection, with a 1GBPS connection for $55/month.
    It's worked really well for us so i'd like to find something similar.
    Since i'm not that knowledgeable with Linux i really appreciated having the reliability of dedicated with the help of someone managing the backend, hence why i'd like to find another managed dedicated provider.
    If anyone knows of an individual or service that could offer this your suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated :D
  2. Just hire a system administrator? Would be a lot cheaper.
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  3. I had a look already through several post in
    and i found either one off work/setups, just configurations or high monthly costs.
    Having someone i could turn to when things would randomly go wrong, or when we needed a mysql setup added, panel changed, ports opened ect. was what i appreciated most.
    If a system admin could fill that role without being a large additional cost to the hosting that could be a solution.
  4. With only 20 players, why do you have a dedicated server? Wouldn't shared Minecraft hosting work as well for you?

    EDIT: I just looked at Reliablesite, they have a similar dedicated server for $69/month, but that's unmanaged. Fully-managed is a $59/month add-on (total $128/mo). I highly doubt you're going to find a fully-managed dedicated server for the price you've been paying. As with Reliablesite, most places will charge $50+/mo just for the management.

    I checked another fully-managed dedicated host (although I don't know if they permit game servers), and a similar server to yours is $199/mo.
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  5. It doesn’t hurt to google things, I’m sure you can find a solution to all your problems by searching them up. In the case you can’t find a solution there are lots of people on this website that can help you with issues you may face.
  6. There are a few companies that are good that I feel I can recommend. There is kimsufi which does provide dedicated servers, or vps servers there dedicated servers start at $4.99 but to get an Intel Xeon W3520 4c/8t 2.66GHz 16Gb it costs about $22 or the 32GB about $29, however they are not managed. You can also go with SoYouStart which also has dedicated servers which start at around $40 which I prefer over KimSufi, the $40 you would be looking at would be an Intel Xeon E3 4c / 4t 3.2GHz with 16GB of Ram and 3x2TB SATA drives in a SoftRaid format. You can also go with OVH but they are typically more expensive.

    The only issue is with most hosting companies that provide dedicated hosting services do not have managed. That is why if you are going to have a dedicated server it is highly recommended you have someone that knows how to service it and set your stuff up like the people above suggested a SysAdmin which typically is an additional fee on top of your hosting charges. However if you do go with a hosting provider for a dedicated server I will be willing to help you set it up and get started for no cost. If you want information on that add on Discord Clarkcj#0932
  7. Simple fact: management takes time, so it costs a lot more money. Almost nobody would be able to offer it free or cheap unless they're (1) doing a really, really bad job of it, (2) have developed a ton of scripts for common stuff so it doesn't take much time, or (3) it's built into a more expensive base price of the service.

    That said... you say your server has a peak player count of 20? Frank truth is, in no way does that demand a dedicated server unless you're hosting a whole lot of other stuff on there with it. Assuming you have a few plugins and a large world, you could easily get away with a 2GB-3GB RAM shared plan from a reputable provider; 4GB if you're feeling really ambitious.
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  8. A good dedicated server, depending on the specs and the network power, can hold a good 500 - 1000 players on average (multiple MC servers obviously). I sincerely doubt, like the others, that you need a dedicated server unless it's a really weak one from Kimsufi for example. Also as @OSTKCabal said, managed servers are expensive for a reason; they take human resources. Unmanaged servers, such as the ones from OVH (and SoYouStart / Kimsufi) are mostly automated and are unmanaged, hence why they are so cheap.

    You are, 1) absolutely better off, with 20 players, with a much smaller server like a VPS or even a good Minecraft host. I've used regular MC hosts for a long time, and there are plenty of fanstastic ones. Unless you have a strict need for a dedicated server, such as technical limitations, then I would suggest a normal Minecraft host as they are usually cheaper or very similar to the price of a VPS, but with better hardware. And 2), managed servers are overly expensive and you're really better off just hiring a simple system administrator who does some things from time to time. You can have someone setup a dedi for you probably for a dozen bucks or so, and maybe some frequent maintenance could be charged for, but by all means it'll be 100 times cheaper than paying for a managed server every month.
  9. Any good mc host that you will recommend?
  10. Not really... haven't used any in the last year (used them for a while before that), and the one which I did use (which was absolutely fantastic), sadly had to close business. I think I was their only customer :LOL:

    I'm sure that if you post a thread, asking for recommendations, that you'll get plenty.
  11. I could let you rent out a portion of my dedicated host. The backend is managed, but I am currently not hosting anything on it, so it is just waisting resources.

    I7 8700k (6C/12T) @4.5Ghz
    48gb of ram
    SSD for hosting and a HDD for backup.
    1gbps internet connection (Up and Down)
    You'll be the only server hosted on it.

    Let me k ow what you think,
  12. Thank you all for the great feedback.
    @clx_ Thank you for the suggestion of finding a sysadmin
    @Bobcat00 I switched away from shared hosting awhile back as i just kept having very poor experiences. As well as on a dedicated hosting option i had more freedom and access. Sure i don't technically need a dedicated machine based on playerbase, but the other benefits I've felt we're worth it.
    @Clarkcj I had a look at the sites you mentioned and I've heard the name OVH more than once before. You mentioned them typically being more expensive, perhaps this could be because they are better run/offer better protection or hardware? If anyone has more information OVH or could share their experience with a dedicated server provider i'd be very appreciative.
    @OSTKCabal Yeah after reading more about dedicated hosting i agree managed is definitely not the way to go. I run a lot of customization to survival on my server so i'm already using 5gb ram on average with 8gb dedicated to it.
    @MrDienns As you even mentioned i haven't been able to find any good Minecraft hosting providers. Usually I've found you only get 2 out of the 3: Good hardware, Good Support, Good Price
    @MaGiiK_PartyBoy I thank you for the offer, i'd be interesting in speaking with you more over pms
    Again thank you all :D
  13. To be clear, OVH is not "expensive" compared to most of the dedicated server industry. They're simply more expensive than their own Kimsufi and SoYouStart brands, which offer fewer features, lower network speeds, and oftentimes much older hardware that has already reached its Return on Investment (ROI). OVH, and especially SoYouStart/Kimsufi, are by far and away budget brands.

    The flipside is that OVH essentially offers "bare minimum" support - that is, they'll only really help you if there's downtime or an issue that ONLY they can fix, eg. bad hardware.

    OVH is popular in the Minecraft community because they offer good pricing and good DDoS Protection, but there very simply are better providers to use if you value better network connectivity (eg. a better blend or better routing) or if you value personalized customer service.