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  1. I've been on the search far and wide for games similar to Mount and Blade: Warband, but I cannot seem to find anything that is close enough to it to cut it for me ):
    I enjoy the army building and commanding part the most, with the city building/kingdom management coming in second.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    (Or any juicy rumours about M&B: Bannerlord!)
  2. Hey, did you already try City Skylines? It is kind of a building and city managing game :)
  3. Play command and conquer
  4. I know you've likely tried it already but on the off chance you haven't Sid Meier's Civilization may fit what you are looking for.
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  5. Space engineers is a really nice game imo. You need to think about a lot of things when building your space ship. But in the beginning it can be hard to build decent space ships, but once you played it for a few hours it will get easier.
  6. I’ve poured so many hours into this haha, such a great game, even if you’re trying to just relax and multitask.
  7. Space Engineers is an addictive sandbox borrowing things from other sandbox games.
    The basic principle is simple: you mine resources in asteroids and from these, you can build many things, mainly materials that will be used to build a base and / or vessels, small or large.

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  8. Space Engineers is indeed addicting, def consider it
  9. Try battlerite very skilled !
  10. Fortnite?! Or League of Legends?!
  11. Fortnite has this new creative mode that lets you build and much more. you should give it a go!
  12. Spellforce 2
  13. GTA5, Police Simulator, CSGo, Flashing Lights

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