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  1. Hello there, I need plugin which will remove your items and replace them with another ones which are for joining in different minigames when you enter in specific region. Thanks for helping me!
  2. Just use multiverse and it's perworld inventory features
  3. I don't need per world cuz in this world i have spawn and all warps. Only survival is in different world, so mini games are in the same world with warp Food, warp shop etc. And I need only on warp minigames these custom items. So i need some kind of regions to define the custom items that I want to use.
  4. What minigames specifically are you setting up? A lot of minigames plugins do this for you.
  5. I use different minigames plugins TNTRun, SurvivalGames, SkyWars and the MiniGames plugin. For all games created with these plugin I use same lobby and I want in this lobby the players to have some items for joining games but this can't be done with per world feature cuz in this world I have many others different things. Skywars for example has this feature but it's for the whole world and I need it only for a region. I'm not going to create another world only for mini games because you need more resources, you know.
  6. Survival Games by Double0Negative (updated by ThunderGemios) does this by default. I don't know of any Skyblock plugins that support a per-region inventory as opposed to a per-world inventory. Could you link me to the rest of your plugins?

    I looked this issue up on google and found a 2012 thread about this on minecraftforums. If you want to read it, here is the link.
    Some person basically recommends that you switch inventories with a command based multi-invetory plugin. Good idea, I just haven't seen any multiple inventory plugins that work this way. If you find one, that could be your answer, but otherwise, still nothing.
  7. i am searching for limited warps
  8. What?
  9. I need really good plugin on warps which have limited warps on permission and commands which are down

    /setwarp <name> <public/private> - will create public or private warp
    /delwarp <name> - well delete warp
    /warp <name> - will teleport you to warp
    /warplist - will show your warps which you created

    I really need this plugin and would be so happy if you write this plugin for me. There is no plugin which can do this i write you
  10. This is not your thread so you shouldn't be asking for plugins here.
    Before you make a post requesting a plugin use the search bar because so many plugins can do what you want like Essentials which can do most of it.
  11. Essentials doesnt have limits on warp ( you can create as many as much warps as you want and i want limit it ) and i was searching for it for a long time. + u can't create private warps on warps on permission