Searching one or two co-developer

Discussion in 'Programming' started by VinceGhi, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Hei fellas,

    i try to create a plugin/tool/website that can be used as admin-control-panel and gives some information about players like the Stats (Playtime, Mobkilled, Playerkills, Deaths), Inventory and also allows to edit the inventory, add new items to it, edit items (NBTTags, MetaData, Type etc), execute commands. Everything in one webinterface using the plugin as a webserver to communicate with the browser in realtime.

    What do i have already?
    • stable connection between browser and spigot server
    • basic website with live-chat and live-playerlist
    • basic login system with sessionkeys that are required to get data from the server
    • Around 1000 lines of code including java, scss, js, php

    What do i need?

    Well... with this project i have to manage like 3 projects. Webdevelopment Backend(JS/PHP) /Frontend(CSS/SCSS) and the Java part. It's very much for a single person and i would like to get a few passioned programmers that would like to help on a big project like that. So... i would love to get two more programmers for one of the parts. So everyone has one part to work on. One can make the webdesign, another the backend and javascript stuff and the other dude works on the java part.

    If you want to see the status of the project or the sourcecode that i have right now just pm me on discord (VinceG#2564) or here.

    I may be not the best programmer... and my code is very messy (because i just codet to test everything) but i think that one or two other programmers could make this project a nice tool for admins/mods to manage the server without the need being on the server.