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  1. At first: I dont know if this is the right topic :p :D

    We(stealth-coders) are searching someone who wants to sponsor us a small minecraft server, to test our plugins and give others the ability to test their ordered plugins there. The server should have about 1-2 Gig ram if possible and 10 slots would be also awesome.
    In compensation we will add your Name and a link to your website on our Website and you will be mentioned on our Plugin-Pages.

    Thank you,
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  2. What does the sponsor gain from this, except for just the name on the websites?
  3. As a sponsor you normally don't get more then that you are mentioned like :
    sponsored by xyz
    Do you?
  4. Well, mostly, hosts are not interested in sponsoring if the only thing they can gain is some (uncertain) advertisements, unless you are
    1) Really, really popular
    2) Have a unique idea
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  5. Hm it's just a try ;)
    I AM really popular :) (please rate with optimistic :D :p)
    I have some cool unique ideas :p
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  6. You do realize optimistic is like the Disagree button since it was removed?
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  7. :'(
    But thank you for your messages ;)
  8. RSNET-Radic


    The best way to go about this would be to get $5 together and pick up a cheap VPS from DigitalOcean or the likes for your testing and development. It'll be far easier than finding a sponsor. When you're ready to go live, switch over to a cheap Kimsufi dedicated server.
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  9. Okay, thank you a lot :)
  10. Get a 1 gb server from
    Use code "2015" and get first month 55% off
  11. Get a budget server as you don't seem to need it for anything but testing. It shouldn't cost you anything at all, knowing how cheap some of them are. It costs I think around 3usd.

    I recommend Virtual Gladiators. I have a great past experience from them. (Budget Section)