Seconds Issues (Maybe TPS?)

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  1. Hello,

    So I've been making a server Via a localhost for a network and I recently have encountered an issue. This is not specifically happening with one plugin but multiple ones. The issue I am having is seconds delays. Basically I'm running BedWarsRel plugin and I realized that once I am in-game the timer is really slow meaning its taking a 1 second count around 4 seconds to happen. In addition, when the game ends there is a message Teleportation to lobby in X Seconds. However those seconds seems to take forever and is not actually 1 tick. This is also happening with my CTF plugin where the game is supposed to start after 10 seconds but the count takes around 1 and half minutes or so for the game to actually start. I am running Spigot 1.8.8 as my server version. Please help me on this issue as it is becoming VERY frustrating. Just to note I seem to not get any console errors.
  2. Could you use timings on in-game let it run for a while and then use /timings paste please provide the timings url here, so we can look at what is causing the performance issuses.
  3. 1 tick is not one second, if you set up your delays using this as a basis that could be why your timers are off.

    20 ticks is roughly one second.
    If you're converting milliseconds to seconds
    1 second = 1000ms

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