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  1. Okay - So I have a bungee server hosted with Host A, and my main servers with Host B (This is because I have like 6 months left with host A and I don't want to spend another $12 on a 1 GB (Minimum RAM) server with host A). I need IP-Forwarding turned on, and I am using Better Proxy Join, however, the plugin is listening to the player IP, so It won't let any players join. Is there a better solution to this?
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  2. As I stated above, I have 6 months left on my hosting plan, and I don't want to waste that. Secondly, I don't have enough funds to get a dedicated server, I still need to spend money on graphics etc.

    Edit: Also - If I don't use ip-forward, my UUID's are messed up
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  3. On the spigot machine, use iptables to only allow connections to the servers from the bungeecord machine:

    iptables -I INPUT \! --src -m tcp -p tcp --dport 567 -j DROP

    Where is your bungeecord servers IP address and 567 is the portnumber of the spigot server. Do this for each spigot server and add the lines to /etc/rc.local to make them persistent over reboots.
  4. I'm with shared hosting - I don't have SSH.