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    CCTV - A surveillance camera plugin for your server!

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    CCTV - Update - 1.1 - BugFixes

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  3. Java 8.0 / Waterfall 1.12.2 (bungee) / Spigot 1.12.2 / no console error.

    Problem 1:

    Problem 2:
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  4. We already seen this bug.

    Problem 1:
    Its because a crash or a error in our plugin this have to do with saving / loading the server when you not online. You have at that point 2 camera's in each other. In the next update we hope to fix that as well.
    Problem 2: We have a new type of camera viewing in your way. You can't see the camera / is not loaded because its out of your render distance. (because minecraft render with armorstands).

    Thank you very much to send us this bug report :)
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    CCTV - Update - 2.0

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  6. Uhm.. i not have permission for use the computer.... plz update your plugin permission list...

    on my config (groupmanager)

    On game this write me:

    No console Error.
  7. This isn't a error. Because we updated the computer the way to check if you are in the computer is changed. If you remove the computer and than place is it should work again. There will be a bigger change in the future with the computer.
    The computer check now on your name if you a user of it. In the old system al the names where lowercased but now it check on the full name with capitalletters and so on.
  8. Would it be possible for CCTV cameras to "Record" and playback a replay of like the last 1 hour? or nothing that crazy right?

    Anyways Here's the real suggestions to make this more survival friendly! :D

    Suggestions for Admin:

    1. Add /OPCCTV (Camera/OPRemote/Groups/view)
    Lets admin see ALL Players offline and online but there player heads and then lets you click on per player and see if they have made any SURVIVAL CCTV crafted Cameras & player/ Factions Groupings.

    Suggestions to make this Plugin More Survival Friendly!

    1. Make "Remotes" a new thing And make it so PLAYERS can choose if that 1 Remote Controls/Can View ALL said cameras They have created or if it controls/view only 1 camera via linking it. remotes can be linked by doing the command and linking it to the Camera name the Player gave it. Each Camera name is per player But the player using the remote in hand /CCTV view (camera name) only has to do the name of the camera they gave it more than 1 player can have the same camera name but they wont likely know this and this shouldnt interfer as the plugin should store it as: PlayerName_CameraNameHere(what it checks for is after the FIRST _ <--

    2. Remotes Need a Recipe

    3. Cameras Should not be a /CCTV Camera command unless the player is OP/Admin permissions.

    4. Cameras Need a Survival recipe for Survival Players :D
    After a Player create a camera they can NAME it in AN Anvil with Exp cost (1 Level always to change its name)
    By Default Camera's Should have the name: CCTV Camera: 1 (Players would need to type with the remote control in hand this command /CCTV (just to open the NONE OP's CCTV viewing GUI and it will show all there cameras they have with there names.)
    Cameras Created by players IN THE LORE should have Grey/silver text saying "Created by: PlayersNameHere"

    CCTV Crafting Table Recipe:

    CCTV Survival Player remote Recipe:

    @Streampy I am hoping you could add these recipes to the crafting table book But also make it so that RIGHT Clicking the Remote Item (could be an Enchanted Compas named CCTV remote?)
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  9. @Its_Craft
    We were already working on a survival posibility. But we can make every thing in just 2 weeks.
    We are also are working on a Computer/Phone plugin where we will add our plugin as a appliction.
    I will take all your ideas to our team and we will see what we can add.

    Thank you for your feed back. :)
  10. @Its_Craft

    We know that it would be nice if you could add a name to a camera, but you will still have to add a camera by it numbers. Why? Well, take this in consideration:

    If you name your camera: "Backyard', you can add your camera by typing backyard. But, if someone else creates a camera called backyard, it will glitch. But if him is told that that name already exists, he could just add that camera.

    Furthermore: I like your idea of the Remote, that would fit with a feature that will come up in our computer/phone plugin. I will discuss with @Streampy if we can add it.

    And with what you said about: Suggestions for admins, maybe you mean like a admin tool? With all the information about the cameras and the players who build them? That would be great to add!

    At least, thank you for sending this in! We like to see people come with their ideas, so we can add it in! That's what inspires us to create such plugin(s).

    Member of the Coding team :D
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    CCTV - Update - 2.1

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  12. @Timdecoole123 @Streampy
    Any word on a crafting recipe i suggested being added to the "Crafting Table/Crafting Book recipes" :D

    Also thanks for replying I was hoping that If i made a camera named: "backyard" the NBT data would be custom and the LORE would say:

    if you made a backyard camera it would say:
    "Camera_Backyard_TimdeCoole123_1A" so if you made a 2nd Camera the Item in hand may say "TimdeCoole's Backyard Camera[1]" and if you made a second camera your self it would have the Description of: "Camera_Backyard_TimdeCoole123_1B" and the Item name would say: "TimdeCoole's Backyard Camera[2]"

    Maybe i am wrong but I was hoping it would be set up like that if possible.
    Lastly Id like the admin camera tool to allow me to "spectate/View" any players cameras they set up :D

    It also Would be Cool if You guys Set up a "Stairblock" like block or maybe made a "Dice Furniture" item that was a "Terminal" that players can go and hack into kind of like a Fallout 3 System for hacking terminals GUI minigame or players who have the password/key can access all connected cameras to said terminal.
    It would be best if the StairBlock had a Recipe and IF a player had Dice furniture installed you guys had a custom furniture file that would replace said blocks with an actual terminal looking block so to speak :D
  13. @Its_Craft
    At this moment survival crafting recipes are coming in to the plugin in the version 3.0 but we currently working on 2.2 for some bug fixen and a new way for our command to make sence. We also adding new command to provide us for future updates.
    Also we are working on a way that admin can see everybody camera's and groups.

    For the hacking part we will soon upload a new plugin that has to do with better computers.
    In that plugin everyone can make there own apps operatingsystem and more and than we will making also new tools for our cctv.
    But we working on that but that need some time.

    We hope that we answer all your questions :)
    If you have more idea's the are welcome just post them and we will take a look at it and response.
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  14. There will be a new update soon as possible with new functions and a better command/menu.
    We have also put in our schedule to support more language.
    If you a language that we have to support reply to this message!
    Sorry for a delay in our update schedule. We are trying our best to update as soon as possible :).
  15. Does your plugin have an API to check if a player is in a security camera?
    Or is there another way to check this?
  16. If the playerRec exist from the player than he is in a camera
  17. Can I contact you on discord about this? So what's your discord tag?
  18. When I turn on a computer and put the camera group in it, I can not enter the computer. It says: You do not have permission to enter this computer
  19. Streampy updated CCTV with a new update entry:

    CCTV - Update - 3.0

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  20. Streampy updated CCTV with a new update entry:

    CCTV - Update - 3.1 - BugFixes

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