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  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm here to ask for a security plugin for bungeecord server. Like do /register /login and etc. I tried use authme on my lobby but players can use bungeecord plugin's command. Such as using /server before login in for all players. Or they can enter with owner's account and they can use /unban or something! Also if they leave lobby to another game and then they come back to lobby, they have to enter the password again. I tried to install authme on bungeecord but not working. I think i need a security plugin for bungeecord. Is there any plugin for that? Because i couldn't find any. Thanks for your time!
  2. you can use the Bungee addon for AuthMeReloaded and they won't be able to use bungeecord commands
  3. I recommend using AuthmeBridge it blocks that kind of things
  4. That plugin is exploitable according to the plugin review's and what I found on Youtube.

    AuthMe is completely fine. Just deny access in the bungeecord config for players to do /server. If you want them to not enter the password again, enable session login in the configuration of AuthMe.
  5. it won't work because it's a bungeecord command and spigot plugins can't intercept bungeecord commands.
    he would need the AuthMeReloaded addon for bungeecord
  6. My apologies I searched too quickly, I'm using AuthmeBungee
  7. Ok guys don't fight. i will try the ways you told me any of them worked i will tell you.
    Thanks for responding :)
  8. Sorry that i late to respond. Now my problem is solved! It worked when i installed authmereloader on server and authmebridge on the bungeecord! Thanks to everyone whoever tried to help me :) .
    Best regards
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