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  2. I see no reason to use this any more. IIRC, session stealers/hacks were patched a long time ago.
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    Yep, may be another thing that kids could donate for.
  4. Do you use a Bungee setup? Is this information passed from Bungee to each backend server?
  5. Actually not a bad idea. brb.
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  7. Maybe.
  8. Custom domains per user is needed for this to be 100% effective. Some of my staff members have defected in the past, giving each one a unique subdomain would be preferable.
  9. Done.
  10. I cant access the link.
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    Due to the fact this thread is from nearly a year ago and all of Lax's plugins have been removed from the forums.
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  12. What happened to Lax?
  13. If you had bothered to read the post above yours you would know that all of Lax's plugins have been removed from the forums, along with Lax himself.

    If I remember correctly, he distributed malicious code within his plugins to cause erratic behavior on certain servers. I forget exactly how it chose what servers to go haywire on but I believe a select handful of servers were profiting off of his work and the malicious code intended to target those servers only.
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