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  1. Hi all,
    Recently my server is suffering because some hackers are loging in as Administrators and are grieffing all the server.
    Can someone tell me a plugin or something to avoid this?
    Thanx to all.
  2. You could try setting online-mode to true.
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  3. If you have minecraft premium, you can in change 'online-mode' to true value. But if you don't have minecraft premium you must download plugin for login e.g. FastLogin or AuthMe
  4. Don't use 1.8.8 and don't run in offline mode.
    If you must, then learn how to configure the network of servers and bungee, and a firewall.
  5. Anti-cheat
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  6. Block /op commands etc. Only executable by console do i think, later set offline-mode to true.

    Please life if i helped you, don't otherwise.
  7. How the fell is an anticheat going to prevent admins from griefing?

    @OP Use an authentication plugin. (and online mode)
  8. hi. anticheat blocks command, hecks, spams, and lots of.
  9. What anti-cheat(s)? I haven't seen any anti-cheats that block commands and stuff. I've seen AAC block spam.
  10. No Cheat Plus.
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  11. I still don't think anti-cheats will be able to fully aid this situation.
  12. nevermind. anticheats is bad.
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  13. Not bad, just bad for this situation.
  14. There is no plugin that fixes poor management. Do not give operator status or permissions to people you don't trust.

    1. Make sure you run the very latest of Spigot and all plugins.
    2. Remove your ops.json file to remove all administrators.
    3. Show us your permissions file from your permissions plugins, maybe you gave some privileged perm to the standard group so people take advantage of that.
  15. I'd just use AuthMeReloaded, it's for offline servers, so whenever a user logins in, it requires them to input a password, if it's incorrect, they get kicked.