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  1. Hello.
    I'm looking for a Security plugin (Host key IP Check, or something like that)
    When a player try to, enter the server with Owner nick or Admin to be kicked for the server.
  2. I'm searching for something the same too ! Case sensitive nicknames or something like that. Let's say an example:
    There is a player called Notch on the server, and he is OP, if somebody else sees him only, they can connect to the server just by changing a character: Notch -> notch , they connect and then they grief, etc. I hope you get what i mean ! I'm in a hurry finding this kind of plugin ! Send me a pm if you find a plugin on Skype: andym_m (αη∂ґ℮αṧ.)
  3. Every player has a UUID and this is what Minecraft uses to check who someone is, not their username. So even if a player did change their name to something similar of an OP, the change would be redundant as it is based off of a players UUID.
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  4. Thanks for bringing this dead thread back to life.

    If anyone's still looking for something like this, you can set up Host Keys in WorldGuard. I personally use this for all of my staff members; works perfectly for us.

    More info here:

    Hope I helped~
  5. AuthMe seems the best solutions. Eveen if those players login, they can't play since they don,t have the account credentials.
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